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The Bond Between Siblings

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

As a cancer survivor with siblings, I know first-hand how important the sibling bond is.

Siblings see their brother or sister going through treatment through a completely different lens. They are both a friend and a family member, so watching their sibling go through cancer is in one way normal, and in another way challenging.

Lexi & Kenna

For me, I was able to open up to my sister, who was just a couple years younger than me, more than I could with anyone else. Even though she was only 13 at the time, she was able to listen to me when I needed to cry or voice my worries.

Having cancer at an age where I could comprehend what was going on made me not want to worry my parents as much with everything. Therefore, I’d share most of my concerns with my sister, Kenna.

Donald & His Twin Brother Ephraim

For Donald, a five-year-old with neuroblastoma, his bond with his twin brother, Ephraim, has grown even stronger since he was diagnosed. When Donald was first diagnosed, Ephraim did not really know what was going on; he was just really sad to have to spend the night in the hospital so much with his family. Now, Ephraim understands that Donald “has the sickies.” When Donald has enough energy, he and Ephraim play together. Ephraim recently said, “Yes, I like Donald. He is my twin. Donald is my best friend.” How adorable is that?!

The sibling bond is unbreakable. They’ll always be there for each other, to sympathize with, to listen to, and to play with. Donald and Ephraim also have a two-year-old sister named Maya and a one-year-old brother named Ezra. In Donald’s family alone, he already has such a friendly support system, with his built-in best friends. This can do wonders for keeping his motivation up to fight the battle ahead.

My sister was my support system, along with my loving parents. My younger siblings were there to cheer me up at times too. For children with cancer, it’s amazing to see how a close family bond or sibling bond can provide them with extra support.

Written By,

Lexi M.

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