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"SuperHero Shuffle" in Remembrance of Anthony Meo

Mrs. Tina McClauey, the owner of the daycare that Anthony attended shared with us his journey and their special superhero shuffle celebration for him.

We originally connected with Anthony in 2019 during his fight with DIPG. Our organization traveled to his hometown, Philadelphia, to host him a magical “Making Memories” Celebration fit for the little superhero he is. It was there we connected with TMLC, Anthony’s daycare owner Mrs. McClauey and her family.

Anthony was diagnosed in August about two years ago. Anthony was also the grandson of one of the teachers at the daycare. Mrs. McClauley describes him as not only a student, but family. The staff wanted  to have a party for him but didn’t want it to focus on his illness. They wanted to celebrate his friendship with the other students for all of the kids to come together 

The daycare center also wanted to raise money to help the family and chose to celebrate in September for pediatric cancer awareness. Anthony loved superheroes which is what helped theme the party. 

The kids did not know much about his illness, but knew that they were ‘helping a friend that had boo boo on his  brain.’ The kids dressed as their favorite superhero!

They teachers also allowed the kids to make up their own superhero or dress in superhero pajamas out of mindfulness for families that wouldn’t be able to carry the price of a new costume. Teachers made superhero snacks. Families of the students raised $5,600!

This year the daycare center is doing a donation to The Forever Moriah Foundation. Anthony’s birthday was celebrated by The Forever Moriah Foundation and Anthony’s Daycare family were invited as well to his PJ mask party, where Tina grew fond of the Foundation.. 

“Everyone was caring, sweet and compassionate! We decided that day that that is where the super hero money will go.” - Tina McClauey

Mrs. McClauey stressed how amazing the students handled Anthony’s struggles and how supportive they were! She shared that the students never treated him any different, and was very accepting of him through each stage of his illness. She shared that his pictures are still there and the kids often ask to bring Anthony to class with them.

“It’s our kids that inspired us 100%”- Tina

When asked how things have been in daycare since Anthony has passed, Mrs. McClauey responded with, “It’s not bad, because he’s still there.”

Written By,

Jasmine D.

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