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Thanksgiving For Kids In Stuck In The Hospital

Thanksgiving in the ICU can still be made festive with a little effort from loved ones! With a few webcam skills, decorative ideas, crafts and games, this thanksgiving could still be one to remember for your child.

Decorating the room is absolutely the most festive part of this adventure! If possible, try to make the room decorations a surprise while your child is out of the room for treatment or testing. A “Happy Thanksgiving” banner and a turkey poster would be all that is needed to add brightness to your kid’s day!

Making Turkey Crafts are lots of fun, particularly when you add this decoration to the wall after you’re finished! Turkey crafts are super easy and only consist of tracing your hand and drawing on the rest of the turkey!

Pin the feathers on the turkey is a super fun game! You can buy feathers from your local mart and when your Turkey craft is done, you will be able to use your craft as a board for the game!

A Happy Thanksgiving video of family members will remind your patient of how much love surrounds them. All loved ones are able to make a video saying “Happy Thanksgiving” in the comfort of their own home and it’s covid safe! iMovie can be used to combine these videos and show your child on Thanksgiving!

Your child’s most heartfelt Thanksgiving is only a few crafts, games and family videos away!

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Jasmine D.

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