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Self Care for Care Givers

With the current climate of America, it is important that caregivers don’t forget to give care to themselves! From meditation to spa days, your mental health depends on it! So how can you fit this into your busy schedule? By doing a little each day! 

Anxiety? Turn on a meditation video in the morning and listen for even just 15 minutes. Youtube has a huge variety of guided meditations. 

Body aches? Stop by your nearest massage parlor or for just a quick 30 min massage! They also aren’t very pricey!

Mind racing? Slow it down with a tub bath! Light candles, order in your favorite meal and cut on a good movie on your laptop while in the bath!

Overwhelmed? Go for a drive! Windows down and soft music on can give you the necessary fresh air that you need for the day. 

Feeling alone? Write down three names of close friends. Make a list of things bothering you. Pick one to text to ask if they have time for a vent session. The other two serve as your backup for if the first is busy. Read them your list of things that you are overwhelmed with and listen to their advice. Take in their encouragement. Write down the positive things that they say. 

Feeling defeated? Find a good recipe of your favorite food. Go to the grocery and follow the recipe exact. Finishing a task completely releases feelings of self empowerment. 

And remember to breathe, feel your presence and the presence of those around you.

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Jasmine D.

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