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Nutritional Needs for Kids with Cancer

Battling cancer is probably one of the hardest things a person could have to do. Besides remembering their treatment regimen, they also have to remember one of the simplest things: their diet. The food we eat plays such a big role on our lives that we don’t always realize its impact. When the body is fighting a disease, such as cancer, it’s important that we give it the right weapons to defend itself. Here are some of the benefits to eating healthy while going through cancer.

1. There is a decreased risk of secondary cancer

Studies have shown that avoiding certain foods can decrease a person’s risk of getting cancer. If you already have cancer, then it is even more beneficial to avoid these foods to prevent the possibility of a secondary cancer from forming. Processed meats, such as hot dogs, bacon, and some deli meats, are linked to increasing the chances of getting colorectal cancer. Other studies have found that a high dairy consumption can lead to prostate cancer.

2. Some foods already contain cancer-fighting substances.

Certain fruits and vegetables already contain substances and nutrients that naturally fight cancer. For example, fruits are known to have antioxidants, which may help prevent cancer from forming or spreading. Vegetables contain antioxidants as well. Other foods that can reduce cancer are flaxseeds, nuts, olive oil, and fish.

3. Your body won’t be as weak as it could be.

When the body is treated with chemotherapy or radiation, its vitamin and mineral supply is depleted. This is because the treatment not only kills cancer cells, but it also kills some healthy, normal cells as well. By consuming healthier foods, you are giving yourself the vitamins and minerals it has lost, making your body stronger than it would be if it didn’t get any of those desired nutrients.

The reason eating healthy is important for someone going through cancer – and all people, for that matter – is because food surrounds us. Most people eat three meals a day, in addition to snacks here and there. That means that without making healthy, conscientious decisions about what we put into our bodies, our health can decline really fast. For individuals with cancer, they are not promised the time to see what happens if their health declines. The time we have, here in this world, is precious, yet limited. It’s important to make healthy decisions about our diet, so we can live longer, happier lives, living out the calling each of us is blessed with.

Written by,

Lexi Mentzel

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