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Meet Skylan, Our First Virtual Celebration Recipient

Skylan is a beautiful four-year-old girl filled with happiness and hope. She loves to dance and make her family laugh. The one thing that sets her apart, though, from other joyful children is that she has DIPG – an incurable, inoperable brain tumor.

Her family noticed she was having a bit of trouble seeing out of the corner of her eye, so they knew she should probably get checked out. Once the results came back, the doctors diagnosed Skylan with DIPG in January of 2020. She received six weeks of radiation to better her quality of life. The radiation was able to slightly shrink her tumor, making it easier for her to see, talk, and walk.

One day, Skylan asked her grandma, Sandra, “Mimi, what’s wrong with me?” When Sandra told her that she has cancer, Skylan replied with, “Oh, okay!” Nothing was about to take this little girl’s cheer away. Skylan still loves to play with her older sister, Shaniyah, and she loves Jojo Siwa so much.

The Forever Moriah Foundation held their first virtual celebration at the end of August for Skylan. Her friends all came together to join Skylan over Zoom. What they didn’t see coming was a surprise visitor on the call, Jojo Siwa! Skylan was so excited to see Jojo. She even asked her family, “Can I tell her I love her?” Sandra also recalled Skylan being surprised that Jojo Siwa was actually talking to her. The celebration was all Skylan talked about for weeks.

Skylan’s family has made it a point to celebrate with Skylan as much as they can. They’ve celebrated her 4thbirthday twice, and they plan on celebrating Christmas early. Sandra said, “Every day is a memory. Don’t put off to tomorrow because tomorrow is not guaranteed.”

Another thing I found incredibly touching from Sandra’s hope is that even through Skylan’s sickness, she can still see a blessing. “Sky belongs to Him. She’s on borrowed time.” We are all on borrowed time, and we don’t know what the future holds. However, God knows. He knows everything that will happen in Skylan’s life and your life.

Today, I encourage you to say a prayer for Skylan, for her future, and for her family. It’s important that we all live our lives as God wants us to because after all, we are on borrowed time, and we are His children.

Written By,

Lexi Mentzel

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