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Meet Kristopher, our next "Making Memories" Wish Recipient

July 9, 2020- Four year old Kristopher was diagnosed with DIPG on May 21, 2020 after being rushed to the hospital following MRI results. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Kristopher’s family, Mom, Kelia Quander and Dad, Stephen Quander have also been adapting to their new normal.

Mrs. Quander began noticing irregularities in photographs and was told by family members, and doctors as well that Kristopher was only “making funny faces.” When Kristopher began walking at one years old, Mom began to notice mood swings and concerns with his eye. Mom did not stop here and continued taking her son to the doctor to check on what she was sure was an abnormality. After being told that Kristopher was doing just fine by several doctors, Kristopher was given an MRI. Mom and Dad were instructed to rush their son to the hospital immediately following Kristopher’s MRI results. After pleading with doctors about Krisopher’s health and being repeatedly told that there was no concern, Mom can’t help but wonder if doctors could have caught Kristopher’s diagnosis earlier if they had only taken her concerns into serious consideration. Kristopher’s mother shares the common concern amongst the black community that black parents aren’t taken seriously when voicing concerns about their children.

The family has had to quickly adapt to Kristopher’s diagnosis. Dad takes Kristopher to his

radiation appointment. Kristopher and Dad are very close and Dad plays a huge role in creating comfort for Kristopher during this tough time. They spend the day together playing video games and watching movies. Mom and Dad feel that Kristopher’s mood changes often. Although Kristopher does not fully understand his illness in its entirety, he experiences tummy pain, itchy skin and is aware that his “brain is sick.”

Mrs. Quander began noticing irregularities in photographs and was told by family members, and doctors as well that Kristopher was only “making funny faces.”

Kristopher’s mother, an avid planner, has found new ways to make Kristopher’s cloudy days a little brighter by making his favorite homemade pancakes on the daily and his favorite

spaghetti.His two loving parents enjoy building Legos with Kristopher and taking Kristopher

duck feeding, where he bonds with his siblings, Stephen III, 11, Leilani, 9, Rian, 7 and Madison, 2.

Mom and Dad have found peace in authenticity and encourage their family as well to be honest about Kristopher’s illness. Their most important focus is creating a happy and comfortable space for Kristopher.

When the Forever Moriah Foundation came across Kristopher’s story, we knew we wanted to do something special for him and his family! We are currently planning him a celebration fit for the little super hero he is!

Written by,

Jasmine Deolatch

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