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Finding Hope through Faith- Kamila's Story

Little Kamila is a four-year-old bundle of joy. She loves to dress up and put on pretend make-up. She also loves to play with her little sister, Gianna. One thing she does not love, though, is going to the hospital.

At age two, Kamila was diagnosed with stage 3 acute lymphoblastic leukemia, so she knows the routine of treatment well by now. Due to an allergy to one of the chemotherapy drugs, her treatment ended up being prolonged for four months. Soon after her diagnosis, Kamila’s parents realized that they had to show Kamila what mental toughness looked like so that she would also be encouraged.

Dianna, Kamila’s mom, pointed out that mental toughness comes from God alone. He equips us with His strength to overcome the challenges ahead. If Kamila’s support system was strong and reliant on God, then she would feel strong and capable to keep fighting. Now, she’ll say to herself, “I got this!” and smile through it.

"If Kamila’s support system was strong and reliant on God, then she would feel strong and capable to keep fighting."

One of the most encouraging things Dianna said to sum up the family’s attitude was, “Whenever you have a relationship with God, you rely on Him for everything in your life.” This is where Kamila and her family get their mental toughness and positive attitudes from. She knows that God’s grace will always be with her. Kamila’s story reminds us to trust God first, and then trust the process.

It’s amazing how much hope and happiness a four-year-old can bring you. However, when she has the spirit of the Lord working through her and her family, it’s nearly impossible not to feel encouraged and touched by her story. Now, Kamila is in remission, but she still undergoes chemotherapy treatments due to the allergy set back at the beginning of her diagnosis.

If you would like to stay up to date on Kamila’s story, you can follow her Instagram page (@kamilastrong). As always, we ask that you keep Kamila and her family in your prayers, and never forget to trust God first.

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Lexi Mentzel

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