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Creative ways to Make Brighter Days for Kids who must Quarantine

Stuck at home? Or is your child spending quarantine in the hospital? With a few of these ideas, you could turn your home or the hospital into an everyday vacation. What does it take? Just a little magic!

Movie nights are a must! Popcorn bags, everyone’s favorite candy and don’t forget to print off actual movie tickets! Give one to each living room movie goer and tell them not to lose it! For a hospital stay, decorate the room and watch a fun Netflix movie on your laptop. 

Pajama game night is fun for all ages! You don’t even need a game board! Try hide and seek or a scavenger hunt! Play for prizes and you can even go to the dollar store to pick up dollar toys for the children and a few prizes for the adults. Pajama game night can also consists of card games for hospital stays!

Several zoos have video chatting available to uplift the animals' spirit! This could uplift your child’s spirit as well! Tell your kid that you’re doing a virtual day at the zoo! Set up the living room zoo themed with animal print blankets, animal cracker snacks and stuffed animals. Virtual activities are also great for children who are undergoing hospital stays. Decorating the room zoo themed and going on a safari at the virtual zoo is the perfect staycation!

There are also so many family travel vloggers on Instagram and Youtube! Can’t travel right now? Take a trip by going to YouTube on your television, dressing your family in their favorite vacation palm tree outfit and decorate your living room with the tropics as you drink smoothies out of pineapples and go on your virtual vacation! Hospital stay? Decorate the room luau style and bring the laptop!

Cooking is an all time kids favorite! There are so many kid chefs and they cook things that other children love to eat as well! Order you and your children chef hats and cook with friends on YouTube! This can work for hospital stays as well! Find a cookie decorating video and all you’ll need to bring is icing and cookies. High sugar not allowed? Try making a pizza! Bring the dough or packaged and make sure to use all toppings that don’t require baking.

Halloween is approaching and although we are unsure what trick or treating will look like, we just can’t cancel Halloween all together! Buy a bag of candy, dress your family up in costumes, allow everyone to hide their own bowls of candy for the other family members to find and go trick or treating at home! Follow it up with a Halloween movie classic and popcorn! For hospital stays, a Halloween movie and doctor approved candy goes perfectly! If high sugar candy isn’t allowed, cut low sugar fruits into cute shapes and wrap it individually with a bow!

Arts and crafts are a family favorite! The Kids and Art Foundation, that can be found at has a parent support group and does arts and crafts with your family virtually! You can register on Eventbrite and join the workshop on zoom. They also offer a parent support group and the next date is on September 12, 2020 from 2:30-3:30pm PST with the topic of occupational therapy for children with cancer. 

Birthdays? Have the same party that you would every year! Cook the same foods! Enjoy the family and celebrate with cake, your kid’s favorite foods and activities with your immediate family! Don’t forget that friends can come virtually!

The only thing that it takes to make these ideas come to life is a little magic and a little imagination and your family will enjoy an amazing quarantine that doesn’t feel secluded at all! 

Written By,

Jasmine D.

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